Slow coffee gear review: using the Clever dripper

We like to talk about the Clever dripper as the easiest, most consistent way to brew filter coffee at home or anywhere. Great way to start your own slow coffee journey!


I have to admit that I was super late in getting into the Clever Dripper game.  First time I heard of it was maybe 7 or 8 years ago when setting up a coffee training room for a coffee company in Sydney.  Filter coffee wasn't the focus of the business then, so I didn't end up trying it.

Then, just a couple of months ago, our friend Takumi Sakamoto from BRUT Coffee and Clayboy Stoneware came to visit us, we started talking about different ways of brewing coffee and then he dropped the bomb, he loves the Clever Dripper - that's how he successfully brews over 60 filter coffee cups in under 2 hours at his pop up events.  I was instantly hooked, the Clever dripper seemed to be the best introduction to filter coffee for our customers, and the best way for us to brew a cup in the shop.

Fast forward 2 months and we've loved brewing with the Clever, so I thought of writing a quick review for all of you looking to starting your own slow brewing journey.

Although design wise is not the prettiest of brewers, it's clear colour makes it blend in easily as opposed to being the focus point.

What I like the most with the Clever is how easy and consistent it is to brew a good cup of coffee.  You only need great quality coffee beans - ground a bit coarse like table salt - and hot water.  This brewer does not require you to own any additional equipment such as a goose neck kettle; any kettle will do, how good is that?

One thing that I recommend you to have is a timer, but we all have one on our phones, so no biggie.

Once you have rinsed your paper filter, and transferred your ground coffee into the Clever, you only need to add water - not boiling, but perhaps 3 minutes off the boil I would recommend.  It is so easy that we don't even need to be to touchy with how we pour the water as long as you don't just dump it in like a mad artist.  Pour it not too slow, making sure your grounds are all covered and in full contact with the water.

Then, you don't need to do anything, no stirring, no nothing, just let it steep there for 2 minutes and then transfer your Clever onto a jug or mug to release the valve and let the gorgeous reddish brew filter through into your "#1 dad" mug.

That's it, easy, no dramas, just good brews, consistently.

I personally see the Clever Dripper as the best of 2 worlds: full immersion (think of a plunger) and filtered (think of pour over).  This gives you a brew with a nice mouthfeel and lots of clarity, something that sometimes a good old plunger lacks.

But the most important thing for me is how easy it is to use, we know that sometimes it could be overwhelming to think of starting our slow brewing journey, and the Clever Dripper is the best first step into this amazing world.

What's our recipe at Slowwell?

- 14g of ground coffee
- 230ml of off the boil water (92°C - 95°C)  
- Steep it for 2 minutes.

We have them on our shelves in the store, and also online on our website.

Hope you enjoy brewing cleverly.

Brew slow, drink well.

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