Wellbeing and coffee, a good pair.

In the health, mindfulness and wellbeing space, coffee has a pretty bad rap and it's often seen as something you need to cut out of your life if you want to be/feel well. We are working to change that perception.


We get it. If coffee makes you feel anxious, or if it makes your heart want to race out of your chest, maybe you want to give caffeine a miss. Coffee is a stimulant, and many might not see the connection between our philosophy of slowing down and the fast-paced perception that surrounds coffee.

When some people think coffee, they might think espresso shots - a dark delicious liquid that wakes you up in the morning and helps you kick on through your day. And for some, that may be what coffee is to them.

For us, coffee is so much more. Coffee is our way to slow down; to brew it slowly so we can appreciate the complexity and subtle aromas of the beans that are grown all around the world. We appreciate it, just like others might appreciate and want to expand their understanding of wine.

We believe in moderation – of not following extremes to reach unattainable goals and to then feel disappointment or failure. We enjoy one cup of slow brew (filter) coffee in the morning to start our days mindfully and aware. We might pair it sometimes with a milk coffee midmorning or early arvo (because we still love milk coffees!). We are also focused on developing our knowledge of coffee, so we can appreciate it more. We don’t do coffee on autopilot. We do coffee to facilitate connection with our senses and our selves. Plus, we just bloody love it.

If you can do more of what makes you feel happy, whole, alive, that’s pretty amazing. If we all did this, the world would be a much better place. Coffee, for us, is so much a part of that picture.

So, how does coffee pair with wellbeing and mindfulness, and even health? I can’t answer that – scientifically. My personal belief is that wellbeing is personal and unique to each individual.

Wellbeing is about feeling well as we are; being happy in our own skin; grateful for who we are, what we have and how we are. Mindfulness is being fully present in the things we do in life - work, play, interactions with others, and everything in between. And health? Well, I’m not a doctor but, for me, health is all about balance, moderation and paying attention to our bodies – how they respond to what we consume, and how they feel in what we do with our time.

We are not going to be healthy by cutting out certain foods or beverages, and still stressing out 24 hours a day about work or life. That is not wellbeing, in my opening.

At the end of the day, if you feel physically bad when drinking coffee, then don't drink coffee. Simply, listen to your body. If you drink lots of coffee, try hitting pause for a moment and drink it mindfully, present, aware, and enjoy the whole experience – this will take you closer to living well, and being more healthy.

Enjoy your next brew at home, or at your favourite café, or come visit us for all your retail coffee needs :)

Brew slow, drink well.


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