Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer - Clear

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Give yourself a few minutes to stop thinking about all the things you need to get done and brew a slow coffee - aka. filter coffee - using the Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer

For us, brewing coffee is a daily ritual, and a reminder to hit pause on our busy lives and to brew mindfully.  Slow brew is the perfect way to be here now.

Share your new coffee moments with us by tagging us on Insta using #seekersofslowcoffee.

The SCS brewer, available in 2 and 4-cup sizes, features a neat, economical design that allows you to engage fully in the ritual of making coffee, slowly pouring the water over the coffee grounds and forgetting about everything else for a few breaths.

Simply place one of the included cotton filters in the holder, add your coffee and slowly pour water, letting it flow into a serving jug or directly into your mug. Upgrade to Kinto's 2 or 4-cup stainless steel filter to reduce waste even more, and make your morning coffee more environmentally-friendly.