Seekers of Slow Coffee Club

Introducing our monthly coffee subscriptions...

For us, brewing coffee is a daily ritual and a reminder to hit pause on our busy lives... and to brew mindfully. Slow brew (aka. filter coffee) is the perfect way to be here now.

Together with sharing our love for filter coffee in-store, we're bringing our favourite specialty coffee roasters to your door with our monthly coffee subscriptions. The beans have been selected by us; we won't be sending you anything we haven't tried and loved ourselves.

We're lucky that there are more and more coffee subscription businesses all around the country, so you have a great range of coffees to try. What makes us different is our sole focus on filter coffee. All of the coffees we send are brewed in-store to taste and to share with our community.

Our subscriptions

Each month, we'll showcase a new selection of beans from specialty coffee roasters we love. Coffees that we've selected to give you the best slow brew at home.

~ Slow Seeker Coffee Subscription - Our core coffee bean baby featuring a 250 gram bag of coffee by one of our selected coffee roasters. We'll also add a surprise in each month's subscription box together with reading material to go with your slow brew.

~ Adventure Seeker Coffee Subscription - This one is for those curious souls up for going on a filter coffee adventure, with our offering of 3 x 105 gram (about 7 brews per bag - 21 in total) featured beans. You'll get three very different coffees to try and taste at home - the coffees might have different processes - natural, washed, honey... different origins - Kenya, Colombia, Panama... or, different roasters. 

We'll be sending out orders the second week of every month, so you'll need to get your first order in by the 2nd of the month.

We'll also be organising workshops and events for our Seekers of Slow Coffee Brewers, so sign up to the newsletter to keep up-to-date on all the latest as we start putting our line-up of events and programs together.

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What is filter coffee?

Filter coffee is a method of brewing coffee where, usually, you use higher quality beans roasted lighter to preserve the natural and unique flavours of each bean.

Filter coffee is a more personal way of brewing coffee, connecting you to the process of pouring water on the grounds, seeing it bloom, smelling the initial aromas, and watching how the water filters through the coffee, creating a special brew just for you.

We focus on filter coffee because it's the slow brew. It's also the best way to pay homage to coffee - it's a method of brewing that allows the subtle flavours of each coffee, such as the floral notes and fruity flavours, to be released and appreciated.

brew slow, drink well.