Wellbeing studio

The Slowwell Wellbeing Studio is a beautiful space at the back of the store for therapeutic consultations, such as psychotherapy and coaching, naturopathy, and nutrition. 

Slowwell co-owner Danielle Hanrahan is a psychotherapist and coach who supports individuals to understand themselves better by exploring the subconscious - why do we do what we do? - to bring insight and awareness into the present, and in order, to create a future that feels purposeful, hopeful and empowering. 

She has a Master's degree in Applied Psychotherapy and Counselling from the Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney, and has been a counsellor and coach for the past four years at Surry Hills-based psychology practice The Indigo Project. Here, she saw individuals and couples looking for greater clarity, coping mechanisms and strategies to help them navigate their lives.

On behalf of The Indigo Project, she has also facilitated workshops on mindfulness, stress management, boundaries, communication and wellbeing for companies such as KPMG, Transport NSW, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Thinking Works, Iglu, and many others.

For more on her approach or to book a session, please visit her website: www.daniellehanrahan.com


Work with us...

We're looking for other holistic practitioners to share the space with us. We'd ideally love to work with a naturopath, a nutritionist or other therapists who value creativity, authenticity and community. Clients of any Slowwell practitioner will receive 10 per cent off any items in the store.

If you'd like to know more, please email hello@slowwell.co.