Kinto Cotton Paper Filters - Pack of 60

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Give yourself a few minutes to stop thinking about all the things you need to get done and brew a slow coffee - aka. filter coffee - using Kinto Slow Coffee Style range.

For us, brewing coffee is a daily ritual, and a reminder to hit pause on our busy lives and to brew mindfully.  Slow brew is the perfect way to be here now.

Share your new coffee moments with us by tagging us on Insta using #seekersofslowcoffee.

Made of cotton linter pulp and wood pulp, these filters create a smooth pour to create a rich, delicate coffee. The fine grade of the filter keeps your coffee clear and light, with fewer grounds in your mug. 

Fits all Slow Coffee Style (SCS) brewers as well as Hario brand brewers.

Choose 2 cups or 4 cups size to fit your brewer.